Sunday, 24 June 2012


There are three kinds of stories I can think of at the moment.

1) True Stories : Those stories of people who have done great things. They've persevered and won battles that most of us can barely even imagine. They earn respect just because they are who they are. They inspire. They're beautiful. These are the ones they make into Hallmark Channel Originals and whatnot :) The others in this group are the ones you tell your best friends - your wonderful idiocies, the beauty in your life, things you couldn't possibly even dream of sharing with anyone who doesn't know you like they know themselves. Or something like that. But basically, my point is. It's all true. Every minute of it that causes pain and joy.

2) Pure Fiction : These are the stories that have immense potential. They can go any direction you want them to. You can fly and breathe under water. Anything your heart can imagine. They can even just be embellished versions of your true stories. They make really good entertainment.

3) Stories from Imbeciles : These are the ones spun by those brilliant imbeciles who like to believe that something's true and want to convince everyone around that it is true. They never benefit anyone. -.- Lol, not worth the time. Not worth the wait. Move on and hurry past, because getting caught in this will just mess with your head so bad you want to pull it off :P

I think I've put them pretty simply for everyone :D It's fun to make lists. Lol, if only I was more organised in classifying other stuff! :D Give me some pointers if you can think of them. Feel free!

Enjoy this one ^.^ It's been a while since I've heard it :D It's a good one to sing when you feel like everyone's trying to pull you down. Much love! Stay connected!

Third Day - Eagles

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