Thursday, 27 October 2011

Little One.

Little one, you smile.
And my world is set ablaze.
For I can see the stars, in your gaze.

Little one, you laugh.
And I laugh with you.
For I need a million reasons not to do so when you do.

Little one, you cry,
And my heart breaks
To let even that first tear streak your face.
But little one, sometimes we all need relief
And crying may help us keep the deal brief.

Little one, you dance.
To the orchestra in your mind.
But little one, it is
What makes me smile.

Little one, your hug,
The warmth and kind.
Make everything bad shrivel from sight.

Little one, your song,
As you sing it out loud,
Gives me hope, makes me want to shout.

Little one, your dreams,
Though sometimes troubled, they seem.
Are probably what I see in your eyes, that gleam.

Little one, you are
Who you ought to be.
But little one, you’ll always be ‘little’ to me.
And nothing will change the way I see.


I know not what was said
To cause the name to resound in my head.
Many a time, it has struck a chord
Many a song’s lyrics have I heard.

It stands out, I know not what it means.
My heart rests, uneasy.
Wondering further, why this name for me.
I know not why it comes time and again.

I have now learned.
The Lord rewards each beyond prayers heard.
Irene resounds once again.
No longer is my heart hard to bend.

Curiosity comes to those who ponder.
Mystery behind the name they seek.
To each one, a gift, to cause wonder.
A meaning behind the name, to teach.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Worry about each bell as it chimes.
Not whether the sun would rise.
But if you’ve done today what you’re meant to.
Wondering what tomorrow will bring only takes away from your sleep.


Mortified, she hides her fear.
Behind her smile, falls her tears
She must be strong, like her mother before her.
For they did not tarry when trouble drew near.

They held on, as she tried.
She would be strong, but she tires.
Finding comfort when she’s alone.
For then she could let every tear roll.

She begs them not to ask her
To not be so humiliated
For what she fears is nothing
But the worry of a child

One that has had a perfect life.
Everything provided for.
One who knows not to care for others
That’s where she was lost.

When they needed her the most,
She could not help
When they asked her to stay
That’s when she wept.

It baffled her to think
That someone could love her
But every time she neared the brink
His hand would hold her

Though others saw through her,
They would not understand
They would call her a ‘baby’
Shake it off

But that’s not going to help…
It’s not what she needs the most.
Her fears are light, simple and easy to write off
But her fears are her fears, like it or not.

She cries out to the unseen
Feels His warm embrace,
Because He understands.
He’s been in her place.

The city darkens as the moon disappears
She holds on to herself,
Knowing He’s got her under his wing
Safe, to herself she sings.


“Listen to the wind
Feel the sand under your feet.
Listen to the water
In time with the breeze.”
The sun sets slowly
She holds her breath
She listens and feels
Alive again.
Her spirit soars.
She is at peace
So long as thoughts of life have ceased.

It Takes Time.

She runs because no one stops her
She walks away to see if someone would care
She doesn’t know what to say so she steps back
Wondering if anyone would dare

To step out of what they’re saying
Try to include her as well
She feels unsafe, insecure
If they knew her, they could tell

She walks away, they let her go
She made an excuse to leave
They hardly bothered to ask her to stay
She shuts the door and breathes.

She sighs; she thought they knew her better
But it’s okay someone else will
It takes time to teach these things
And time to understand.


A mental state of responsibility
Instead of one to say its where I want to be
People going around and around.
Research, work, too many sounds!
Laughter and fun, frowns frail.
No one knows the entire tale.

Torn Between Two Cities.

Heart-broken she watched them walk away - her family, her friends and him - the one who held her heart. Every step shattered the already broken heart into pieces so tiny she felt it would never be whole again. The train moved further away and he looked back to see her standing at the door. She held back the tears that wanted to flow and met his blue eyes. He smiled at her, and mouthed the words, 'You'll be alright'. She knew he meant it. She sighed, told herself that six months would fly by and she would be home soon. She smiled a smile that just about reached her hazel eyes to her dear ones and took her seat near the window to watch them turn into mere silhouettes in the moonlight of the poorly lit railway station, soon to disappear.

She could hold it in no longer. She couldn’t comprehend why she meant so much to each of them but she could state so many reasons as to why each one meant so much to her. The tears fell… people stared but she ignored them. None of it mattered. She had to let it out.

Every thought made her smile and cry. She had no clue what to do. And he called, “I know you’re crying… and I’m not going to tell you to stop. Let it out and then call me back.”

“Don’t hang up. I don’t like feeling so alone. So lost.”

“Love, you’ve got my heart. You can never be alone and God will watch over you. It was hard for me to hear you say you’d go so far away to study but He helped me through that and He’ll help you through this. You told me that He’s leading you. So take it in stride and I’ll come visit you soon.”

“You’re coming? When? How did that happen?”

“Your parents thought it would make you feel better about going away so suddenly if, once you had a chance to cry it out a bit, you knew that we’d come to see you and what you’re up to. They invited me along. I’ll see you in a month’s time. Look forward to that and smile the smile that brings so much joy to the world.”

“Well, I’m smiling a bit. But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to smile joyously with those I love so far away.”

“We’re right there with you. You know each one of us so well. You know exactly how each of us would react to what you say and do. True, we’re not with you to hold your hand. But know that God has us all safe in His arms. You’re in good hands my love. There’re none better.”

“I’ll remember. Remember all that God has blessed me with. I’ll remember that, though I don’t feel strong, He’s there to give me strength. Though I don’t know what I’m doing, He knows every step I take and will protect me. He’ll keep you safe as well and my parents and everyone else and he won’t let me forget where all my blessings come from.”

“But what if I don’t succeed? What if everything goes wrong? What if I can never come back? What if they hate me there? What if I can’t match their talents?”

“You didn’t choose this on your own, you were led. I was with you when you prayed. I prayed with you. God works for good always. I know you. It will be hard for you. But you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. You've asked for this opportunity to be taken away if it wasn’t for you. But that’s exactly what you've been given. You’ve asked that God leads you through everything. Don’t worry. He will. Never forget that He loves you and always wants what is best for you and nothing less.”

"I know. But I’m so scared. How am I still in such doubt? I want to believe. I don’t know what to do. I’ve barely left home and I really want to come back, I won’t be able handle the work. I feel like I’m about to drop out right now.”

“There’s no chance of that happening. You’re too stubborn for it. I know you feel lost… but where you’ll go, He knows. He’s going to hold your hand right through it. Look to Him for guidance through everything. Be yourself and love like you always do. Your smile can light up a room with its innocence and honesty.”

“But I’m scared I’ll change. You know how gullible I am. You know how much I yearn to belong.”

“But I also know how much you dislike doing things just because everyone else does them. You’ve got great instincts. Listen to them. I’ll call you every day and you can talk to me always.”

“I love you always. Hearing your voice makes me feel safe again. You’re right. I’ll be back soon. It’ll take time to adjust but I will. And don’t miss me too much. You may be the stronger of the two of us but I know you’re just like me when it comes to feeling lonely. I’ll see you soon and I’ll always keep your heart safe. We may be torn between two cities but we’ll always be one.”

“Get some sleep and rest. There’s a new world waiting to see you and what you can do when you believe in yourself and trust in God. I love you. The Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you. Keep smiling, ‘kay?”

“I’ll call you when I get there.”

The call having ended, she looked out into the midnight sky with the crescent moon peeping through soft clouds, she told herself, she’d be strong and decisive in everything. A new life would not make her forget the old. She would still hold dear what she had now and she’d trust in God to show her through everything and lead her to what it was she was meant to do.

The View.

Bold and boundless, the view I saw,
Counting mountains and clouds that soar.
Danger lurking at the dangling cliffs
Emerging mists that cleared with the drift.

Frightful ventures to reach, long forgotten.
Garish memories set aside for now.
Hopeful words sing in my heart
I watch as the sun sets the sky ablaze.

Just a moment, my breath caught
Kissed by the wind, my hair flies in the draught.
Looking lost with my eyes in a daze,
My mind wanders - the view, a haze.

Not one moment, to this, compares.
Open my senses, consumed in beauty
Places, I’ve never been to before.
Flood out of my sight, as I awaken.