Monday, 10 September 2012

Prelude to Lost in Translation

So somewhere along the course of all that blogging I didn't do, I've been mulling over many things to write about. One of them is the topic Lost in Translation. Now, I can think of several things that this could mean, but more than anything I think this most aptly describes me and how I talk to people :| Everything seems to be lost in the translation from thought to brain to speech. But Imma put up my latest Lost in Translation piece soon. As soon as it's done being graded and no longer has to be ungooglable. Somehow I can't picture them listening to reason that this actually is my account and that actually is my original story coz I'm the same person who submitted it!
Ah well, we'll see when it comes out, but keep an eye out for it!
Perhaps I should get back into writing on my blog! Who agrees?

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