Saturday, 9 June 2012

Somewhere Along The Way... We Changed...

Okay, so this is not something I really planned to write nor has it been on my mind for a long long while... Well, it hasn't been dominant anyway, nor has it been dormant. But this one is specifically inspired by Kanika's Joyous June thing, I don't quite know what to call it, but she keeps giving out inspirations everyday and it's pretty cool stuff that she finds :D I like! I wasn't quite sure I could participate in writing nor did I have the time back in Trivandrum because I was a little too busy trying to spend as much time with my dearest as possible ^.^ <3 Sorry Kanika!!!! But I think what you're doing is awesome!!! Yesh! I do!!!

      So, coming back to the task at hand. Somewhere along the way, we changed...

It was pleasant sometimes to change, and other times it was just hard. It wasn't the simplest task to give up habits that we were rooted into. And I think every new person you meet is a new root that you get yours intertwined with. So here's my letter to someone I once knew.

Dear Once-known,
      It was splendid knowing you, and I must admit, you changed me, for the better of course. But I'm sorry to say, somewhere along the way, we changed. Our friendship changed. And I'm sorry I didn't stick on. I'm sorry we fell apart. But I did then and even now refuse to be dragged down the path you went. It was a path that I saw led to trouble, and I wasn't willing to go. And in return for asking you to walk with me, I was rewarded with deceit. No, its okay, I don't quite mind. I've learnt to come to forgive you. But you lost me that day. You lost my trust. I would've stayed you know, I would've been there if you'd just bothered to tell me you wanted me to stay. But it turned out, you didn't. You were happier with me being out of it. Even when I asked, even when I tried to hold on. I felt you letting go. I will not regret our friendship. No, I'm truly thankful for having known you, as short as the time may have been. But, somewhere along the way, we changed, and it was time for you to be you and me to be me. I hope you'll be happy. Always. Keep smiling. And I want you to know, that I'll be your friend again if you need it, but it won't really be the same. It will be awkward and it will be strained, because it will take me time to even want it again. But don't be sorry or remorseful or anything. Just know that, I was really your friend. And none of what I'd said was pretend. It's just somewhere along the way, we changed.