Tuesday, 12 June 2012

College. Again. Uni This Time Though.

So, I'm in University now... Hmmmmm.... Lol, still feel the same and yet I feel soooo different.
1) I'm actually looking forward to getting into everything we'll be learning.
2) I'm finally going to be reading Jane Austen and Shakespeare and the likes. Seriously, it's high time and I love the fact that I'm going to be reading and analysing and everything because I'll have no other choice and it's just perfect. Because I want to READ THEM!. Like I said, HIGH TIME!
3) Christ University's campus is just amazing. And I've barely seen it yet. But so far, my favourite place is under the trees where the wind blows beautifully :D :D :D I wonder if I'll feel the same 3 months from now when it gets colder...
4) Lonely Loner that I am :P That's my bro's name for me. I don't think I'm that much of a loner though.
5) Mallu Central! Seriously, I've been there 2 days, and every 3rd person or so has been a Malayalee. And as a matter of fact, there are groups of 3-4 Mallus sitting everywhere :P Especially under the trees where I like to sit and read... They flock together, seniors mostly, but still. I'm intrigued that I manage to find them. Lol. Not that I ever say anything though...
6) I'm singing, ALL THE TIME! :D And I love it! Dunno what it has to do with Uni though :P

In other news,
1. This little kid, barely 2 feet tall walked up in front of my bike today and just put out his hand. And this is where I'm barely able to manage the Activa coz my mum's on it with me, and I've not ridden in over a month especially not with a pillion since I dropped my wallet and took Ru for a ride. Not easy -.- I had no words for the child. Just sadness that the indiscipline of our ancestors is still being handed down through us to the lovely little ones that grace the world :( Sigh...
2. Had an interview for class-rep. Idk but somehow, I don't feel quite comfortable being responsible for other people anymore. Sigh... I used to be nice that way. But after 16, 98 classmates just seemed like I might be asking to blow up.

"Lord, give me grace for this new beginning to shine like a beacon to Your glory." :)
My prayer for the day. Much love and have fun. See ya when I post again :D (hopes there's someone out there) 

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