Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I cut up a t-shirt today, just the sleeves and collar and whatnot... But I didn't quite want to throw the cloth off. It seemed usable. Apparently, I was right. :)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Start Art?

It's been a while since I did something productive. This isn't great, but I'm happy I did it :)

Monday, 22 April 2013

This is War

I speak and hear nothing.
My voice thunders through.
I  listen to echoes of great men disappear.
I watch shadows of ages past turn.
In the silence, their memories burn.

The hourglass tips.
Time refuses to stand still.
We trudge on, set in our tracks.
Lefts and rights are all but one.

Echoes that haunt.
Echoes that hunt.
Echoes that cause a moment of love.
Echoes remain, echoes always.

Mind stunted, shaken.
Longing to forget.
Body, bruised, battered and broken.
Age can always tell.

Wisdom in the words of those gone ahead.
Warning in the words to those who follow tread.

Footprints and blood, no wave can cleanse.
Swords and armor from toe to head.

War, this is war, battle cries unheard.
Arise from the midst of humanity, dissected.

I will it to stop.
I will it to end.
I will fight it, to death.
To serve and defend.

War, this is war.
My lullaby to those gone.
Departed, they find peace from the broken souled world.

War, this is war.
Only sorrow it holds.
War, this is war.
Not for a moment more.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Walking Down Memory Lane.

I take quite a few walks down memory lane every so often. I find it refreshing. There are times when I wish I could paint or sketch or something because there are those moments that are so precious and every time the image comes up in my head, part of me wants to plug my brain into a printer and have a hard copy. And the other part of me tells me I possibly wouldn't do it, even if I could.

See, the thing about me is, I remember a lot, at least when it comes to things that matter to me. Now, I'm gonna apologise to anyone I offend here and now, because it's bound to happen somewhere along this post.
I remember people who have given me something to think about, something to smile about. I remember what they said, how they said it, why they said it, when they said it and the whole sha-bang of the conversation. I remember because, to me, it was worth remembering. I remember things about people I've never met sometimes, just because someone in my memory mentioned them.

And yet, I remember less than half of the new faces and names I met this Sunday at the youth gathering. I know there are about three people I'll remember for a while, two because I actually got to talk to them for a little less than 5 minutes, but it was a conversation. And I'm happy to remember. The third just has one of those faces that I cannot place, but looks so ridiculously familiar for some reason. It's like I'm missing something I'm supposed to know and yet, the chances of that actually being true are practically nil.

I have so many memories flooding my brain right now, I couldn't possibly begin to type them out, but brains are funny things. I'm actually happy that they stump man every now and again, reminding us that if we don't know our own brains, everything else we know can't amount to much. At least, that's how I see it. I'm glad to remember. And no, I haven't got only happy memories. But, I'd like to believe that I've taken what I need to learn from those that weren't so pleasant, and the unpleasantness isn't meant to be dwelt on. It helps to start off with clean slates when you're as short-tempered (gaining length each day ;P) as I am or have been.

Take a stroll down memory lane. Remind yourself of good things. Sometimes they hide in the silliest of jokes, sometimes in the angriest quarrel. But memory lane always has something for us to learn.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Today is a New Day.

Today is a new day.
I can say it again.
Today is a new day.
A day to forgive.

I forgive you , for whatever you did.
More so, I struggle to forgive myself.
For it was worse, what I did, I think.
And I ask that you forgive me too.

Today is a new day.
A new day to live.

Today, I choose to be new.
I choose to walk new and talk new.
Yes, the old has slipped in,
But it reminds me once more, today is new.

Today is a new day.
Yesterday was too.
But today's different.
Today, I'm with You.

Yesterday, I wasn't so sure.
Tomorrow I'll be surer, I hope.
But today is a new day,
And I choose it to be new.

Today is a new day.
I learn to forgive.
I learn to live.
I learn to be more than the memories that weigh me down.
I learn to be more of the memories that change my frown.
I learn to smile, even at the storm.
I learn these because...
I learn.
He teaches.
And the day after that.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Cradled Cruelty

I watched today as three little boys, the oldest of whom could not have been more than thirteen or fourteen, tease and torture a poor wounded pigeon. I wondered if it was a pet, or if they were trying to help, but it was soon blatantly evident what their intentions were. The eldest boy, I see him around everyday almost, his dog quite annoys me sometimes with it's barking, but today, I gained so much respect for it, much more than that boy will earn from me in a long time. I watched the boys, aware of my gaze, play with the pigeon softly. Then, it got rough. They threw little stones and biscuits at the poor flightless creature who cornered itself and I'm sure, wished it could fly far away. My telling them to leave it alone before they killed it was pointless and so annoying. Little arrogant boys acting smart just because they think I can't understand Kanada. For their information, I quite understood most of their snide comments and evil plots and the only reason they were saved an earful was for my inability to carry a full row in any language other than English :|
They tried to force the dog to bite it or something, but the dog refused and growled at his master. I've never been prouder of that dog before. I believe the boy was scratched ever so slightly, and in my opinion, it was a little too slight, but for the dog's sake, I'm glad. In false humour now, the boys annoy the dog and further torment the pigeon who somehow manages to jump off the terrace and find a snug hole in the wall of the gutter next to the eldest boy's house, only to be dragged out and caged in the sunshine.
I watched the dog stand on two legs trying to reach the cage, in vain. I watched it chase away the nasty crow that seemed eager to torment the poor wretch in gray, all the more.
The cage is gone from the clothes line, the dog's been tied up again. I don't know how the story ends.
What I do know is that the dog had more 'heart' than those three boys put together.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Black and White

So, I've been away for a while and I haven't written anything proper in AGES!
And I don't quite know if this will be 'proper' either. But I might as well start somewhere to get back into maintaining my blog.
So, if anyone bothered to read the title, I'm wondering if it makes you wonder what I could possibly say about Black and White that hasn't been said before. Well, I'll admit, I can't say it's something that hasn't been said before. But I have something to say, just the same.
WE live in this crazy world right now, where there are quite a few people out there seem to think it's alright to go around bombing places and shooting people and watching Criminal Minds of late and too much at the same time, might end up unsettling me I think. And I keep hearing people say, nothing's black and white. But what if it could be?
No, life isn't black and white and hopefully it never will be, because the colours add so much that it would be a shame to lose even a little bit of it. But our thoughts and deeds. Our reasons. Can't they be as defined as the distinction between black and white? Do so many things have to be gray? Must we keep adding to that mountain of doubt and fear and indecision that defines 'gray', at least the way I see it? Aren't the 'grays' just ways to keep from choosing one or the other or perhaps both or neither. The 'gray' seems to be a way out. But, is it?
I leave you to it. Have a beautiful week, what's left of it anyway. God bless!