Thursday, 26 January 2012


Eva knew not the time of day
Eva had somehow lost her way
But Eva knew not to worry or fuss
Because Eva was never to be left in the dust.

Eva smiles, “I’ll be home soon.”
“How long will you roam, awaiting doom?”
Others would question her sanity so.
But Eva goes on. Never alone.


The music box opens
The faint melody floats lightly
Growing louder in her ears
But for a moment, she sways.

The little girl lifts her head.
Her hair flies out of her face.
The music glistens in her eyes
It means more than the lovely sounds.

Every spin of a chord,
Every note and charming bell
Tinkling sounds amuse her.
Make her breath swell.

The glimmer of hope
Amidst the dark tale of doom
Was all she needed
To notice light through the gloom.

Foes forgotten, fate flimsy no more
She sees the glow of the friend, sought for.
The music reminds her again to smile.
The musicman knew the strange tides.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

In His Arms

When all the world looks down on you
And you see yourself shining.
All you need to do is hold on to the Truth
And nothing can cause you to fade.

Everything said, everything done.
Not one distraction standing.
You smile, satisfied, because you know.
God is always watching.

And it’s not judgement you see in His eyes.
But love abundant and growing
You wonder why, for you, He cries.
And you go on never knowing

But to you he calls out.
By name he chose.
He wants you right beside him.
To show the world that hope isn’t lost.
It’s in His arms residing.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Two - Face

Cautious and scared, always aware.
Proud and arrogant, unthought blare.
Hiding uncertain of what to say.
The ignorance, my badge of honour today.

Quietly shaking in intimidating silence.
Screams fuel the anger shared.
Darkness, the voice of hatred bore.
Innocence, lost in utter despair.

Purity blemished, unable to rebound.
Vengeance did not like clarity sound.
Stories transcend, yet they cannot comprehend.
Attack vigilant, there was no defense.

Stare into the void. Blink.
Blatant fear, awaiting the cringe.
Numb, broken, bound, ensnared.
Numb, unsatisfied, reverse what was dared.