Sunday, 24 June 2012


There are three kinds of stories I can think of at the moment.

1) True Stories : Those stories of people who have done great things. They've persevered and won battles that most of us can barely even imagine. They earn respect just because they are who they are. They inspire. They're beautiful. These are the ones they make into Hallmark Channel Originals and whatnot :) The others in this group are the ones you tell your best friends - your wonderful idiocies, the beauty in your life, things you couldn't possibly even dream of sharing with anyone who doesn't know you like they know themselves. Or something like that. But basically, my point is. It's all true. Every minute of it that causes pain and joy.

2) Pure Fiction : These are the stories that have immense potential. They can go any direction you want them to. You can fly and breathe under water. Anything your heart can imagine. They can even just be embellished versions of your true stories. They make really good entertainment.

3) Stories from Imbeciles : These are the ones spun by those brilliant imbeciles who like to believe that something's true and want to convince everyone around that it is true. They never benefit anyone. -.- Lol, not worth the time. Not worth the wait. Move on and hurry past, because getting caught in this will just mess with your head so bad you want to pull it off :P

I think I've put them pretty simply for everyone :D It's fun to make lists. Lol, if only I was more organised in classifying other stuff! :D Give me some pointers if you can think of them. Feel free!

Enjoy this one ^.^ It's been a while since I've heard it :D It's a good one to sing when you feel like everyone's trying to pull you down. Much love! Stay connected!

Third Day - Eagles

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Isn't it funny how when you have so many people giving you an opportunity to write everyday almost forcefully and you really really don't want to write.

Friday, 15 June 2012


Been on a bit of a downslide in the writing department of late. The most writing I've done is copying references text from a book to my notebook. Meh -.-
Will get back when I get back despite the fact that I'm supposed to be keeping a literary journal... I don't even know where to start. Sigh...

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

College. Again. Uni This Time Though.

So, I'm in University now... Hmmmmm.... Lol, still feel the same and yet I feel soooo different.
1) I'm actually looking forward to getting into everything we'll be learning.
2) I'm finally going to be reading Jane Austen and Shakespeare and the likes. Seriously, it's high time and I love the fact that I'm going to be reading and analysing and everything because I'll have no other choice and it's just perfect. Because I want to READ THEM!. Like I said, HIGH TIME!
3) Christ University's campus is just amazing. And I've barely seen it yet. But so far, my favourite place is under the trees where the wind blows beautifully :D :D :D I wonder if I'll feel the same 3 months from now when it gets colder...
4) Lonely Loner that I am :P That's my bro's name for me. I don't think I'm that much of a loner though.
5) Mallu Central! Seriously, I've been there 2 days, and every 3rd person or so has been a Malayalee. And as a matter of fact, there are groups of 3-4 Mallus sitting everywhere :P Especially under the trees where I like to sit and read... They flock together, seniors mostly, but still. I'm intrigued that I manage to find them. Lol. Not that I ever say anything though...
6) I'm singing, ALL THE TIME! :D And I love it! Dunno what it has to do with Uni though :P

In other news,
1. This little kid, barely 2 feet tall walked up in front of my bike today and just put out his hand. And this is where I'm barely able to manage the Activa coz my mum's on it with me, and I've not ridden in over a month especially not with a pillion since I dropped my wallet and took Ru for a ride. Not easy -.- I had no words for the child. Just sadness that the indiscipline of our ancestors is still being handed down through us to the lovely little ones that grace the world :( Sigh...
2. Had an interview for class-rep. Idk but somehow, I don't feel quite comfortable being responsible for other people anymore. Sigh... I used to be nice that way. But after 16, 98 classmates just seemed like I might be asking to blow up.

"Lord, give me grace for this new beginning to shine like a beacon to Your glory." :)
My prayer for the day. Much love and have fun. See ya when I post again :D (hopes there's someone out there) 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Shadowed Shoes.

Though you wish to walk in my shoes,
I ask you to find your own.
Though they seem inviting,
Remember, they were made in shadows.
My past is mine, and only One knows.
Your path is yours to find.
I ask you to hold my hand,
Walk beside me.
For One, He waits and watches to help.
Let's make shoes for you too, my friend.

Okay, quite literal as well as not I suppose, but this is Day 10 of Joyous June. Any fellow bloggers out there, make use of this opportunity. It's not often someone gives you inspiration and asks you to do whatever creative think you want from it. Hope you feel better Kanika! Thanks for the lovely inspirations :) I really liked this one! <3

Saturday, 9 June 2012


CHANGE. I sometimes think this is the most difficult word I've ever come across. It's certainly one of the most unpleasant a lot of times. But in the end, it's sort of ridiculous how there's absolutely nothing we can do but accept it, because life always ends up turning out the right way if we do and turning into a big mess whenever we try to resist it :|

     My dear uncle was just telling me how fast we're all growing up. And he's right you know, Joe'll be 16 in 3 months, Mike, 18 in 4 and Imma be 20 in 5?! Seriously, when the heck did we grow so big?! But you know what, I don't feel 20, I don't remember this being what it felt like to be 20 when I imagined it when I thought of someday being 20... I mean like, when I was a kid, maybe what, 5 or 6, there used to be 20-year olds in our house all the time, and I don't really remember imagining myself to grow up into someone like them... I don't think I could quite think that far at that age. Considering, I clearly recall answering a, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" question with, "A nurse." Clearly, a lot has changed since then! :P

    I suppose, I was just being a little child then, but when do we actually change from being a little kid who doesn't know much to the billions of different people we are in this world? I mean, considering how much we resist change, it slips in ever so cunningly, innit? Did we ever really notice when we stopped wanting to do something because someone said don't. Did we ever really think about it, when our teachers said do? We just changed as the tide washed over us. I'd say it's a good thing because the smoothest pebbles are found washed in the river. But that doesn't mean we gotta be pebbles and not do anything but take it does it? Think about it? Lemme know :) <3

I tell you, I sure didn't notice a lot of things that changed about me until I looked back on them.

Good night!

Somewhere Along The Way... We Changed...

Okay, so this is not something I really planned to write nor has it been on my mind for a long long while... Well, it hasn't been dominant anyway, nor has it been dormant. But this one is specifically inspired by Kanika's Joyous June thing, I don't quite know what to call it, but she keeps giving out inspirations everyday and it's pretty cool stuff that she finds :D I like! I wasn't quite sure I could participate in writing nor did I have the time back in Trivandrum because I was a little too busy trying to spend as much time with my dearest as possible ^.^ <3 Sorry Kanika!!!! But I think what you're doing is awesome!!! Yesh! I do!!!

      So, coming back to the task at hand. Somewhere along the way, we changed...

It was pleasant sometimes to change, and other times it was just hard. It wasn't the simplest task to give up habits that we were rooted into. And I think every new person you meet is a new root that you get yours intertwined with. So here's my letter to someone I once knew.

Dear Once-known,
      It was splendid knowing you, and I must admit, you changed me, for the better of course. But I'm sorry to say, somewhere along the way, we changed. Our friendship changed. And I'm sorry I didn't stick on. I'm sorry we fell apart. But I did then and even now refuse to be dragged down the path you went. It was a path that I saw led to trouble, and I wasn't willing to go. And in return for asking you to walk with me, I was rewarded with deceit. No, its okay, I don't quite mind. I've learnt to come to forgive you. But you lost me that day. You lost my trust. I would've stayed you know, I would've been there if you'd just bothered to tell me you wanted me to stay. But it turned out, you didn't. You were happier with me being out of it. Even when I asked, even when I tried to hold on. I felt you letting go. I will not regret our friendship. No, I'm truly thankful for having known you, as short as the time may have been. But, somewhere along the way, we changed, and it was time for you to be you and me to be me. I hope you'll be happy. Always. Keep smiling. And I want you to know, that I'll be your friend again if you need it, but it won't really be the same. It will be awkward and it will be strained, because it will take me time to even want it again. But don't be sorry or remorseful or anything. Just know that, I was really your friend. And none of what I'd said was pretend. It's just somewhere along the way, we changed.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Blood and Water.

"So this is a post that I've been trying to make for the past 3 or 4 days..."

      That was the starting line of a post that never got written... And now I'm back in that square wondering why I can't seem to write about what I want to say :\ I even started a small passage in my journal about the same, because apparently it's something I really want to talk about. Okay, so to clue you in on what I'm talking about, have you ever heard the saying, "Blood is thicker than water"? Umm, well, apparently it's a metaphor or something saying that family ties will always be stronger than anything else. And you know what, I agree, but I don't believe that my family is limited to the bloodline I come from.
     You see, I have some people in my life, who are as special to me as anyone in my family has ever been. And that's saying something because I'm yet to know someone who is as fond of their cousins as mine are of each other :)

     And now its been another few days since I restarted the post and the only thing that still makes sense is the title for me.

      See, life is going to throw so many things at me. It wants to knock me down. It wants me to feel like there is no point in anything; like my very existence is pure crap. I won't let it. Because I know that I have a beautiful Creator, who chose me. He made me because He had a plan for me. And no, I'm not saying I'm going to be rich and famous or anything of the sort. I'm saying, that because He loves me, I'll be fine no matter what happens. And I'm so sure because it's when I doubt this that I fall; that I feel like my world could just disintegrate.
     And the thing is, most of the time, I have friends who remind me of this and that's what helps pull me back up. And that is what I believe family is. This support system that God gives us, that we have to draw closer to Him and remind us of His love for us. He tells us that He'll never leave us alone and even if we choose not to remember He's there and lean on Him, He'll give us people to support us.

     So, I don't quite appreciate it when people mock me for who I am, or for my wanting to spend time with my friends over someone I'm related to for the mere fact that "blood is thicker than water". Point is, I don't agree with you. I think each person matters to one another in different ways, and some ties are bonds forever and others are created. But that will never mean the ones created cannot be stronger than the ones that exist by birth.

     I think I managed to sort of get how I feel out right there but not quite sure if its right... But perhaps, it's time to give this post a rest and hope that if I've not said what I want to say in the way it should be said, then it will happen some other day :)


Memories and Love

So a few days ago, I actually cooked a complete meal for a bunch of my friends and apparently they loved it. There was actually a point where I thought at least one person might fall sick, but they all loved it and had a brilliant time. Turns out, I was just psyching myself out. But seriously, that was one of the best days ever! Not because I learnt to cook something new, but because I got to spend a beautiful day with beautiful people doing unexpected things :)
     The day didn't quite start out like I'd planned coz I'd expected people to come in from 11.30 onwards, but it turned out that all of them were able to make it only two hours later :P OOPS! Well, I suppose the best food is the food you wait the most to eat :D Haha! Dessert wasn't really a success but everyone ate heartily anyway coz we mixed the two and made it somewhat perfect :P Biscuit pudding attempt. Not quite like I expected! But, Ah well :D
     Then came the best part of any meal or gathering. The incessant chattering about the whole world :D It's really really fun to keep realising how small the world is when you get together with 6 or 7 people who have a few things in common and keep searching to find more and more. And the more unexpected the findings become :P Seriously! And the laughs and smiles! And btw, these are people who have some incredibly beautiful smiles! You cannot help but smile when you have them around ^.^ <3

    So, we're just chatting and someone suggests that we go to the beach, and so despite the excitement, it takes us a while to get going, but once we're on the road, there's absolutely no stopping us! :D 7 packed into a car, feeling like sardines are better off, we head out on the long-short drive. Music bursting through the doors and drumming our ears, barely able to make out what's being sung unless you know the song, the beach welcomed us with bright sunlight, black sand and big waves that could knock us over without a thought needed.
     We didn't really plan to get wet, but we just walked along, taking pictures with a fancy camera, but not without dear cause! For the more opportunity we have to engrave memories into our brains, the better and how better to do that than with a thousand photos capturing precious moments with each other ^.^ <3
     Walking aimlessly is AWESOME! Honest! I kid you not! All you know is that you're gonna walk in a certain direction with a bunch of people who have pretty much the same idea in their heads! And then you stumble across something that all of you are so enthused by, you can't help but enjoy yourself! Okay okay, so what I actually mean is, it's brilliant that none of us actually had a plan in mind when we got there, coz we just kept watching and a zoomed-in photo told us that there was human life at the top of the lighthouse. And funnily enough, the 7 of us, all of whom have spent somewhere around 15-20 years of their lives in this city, give or take a few, had never been there before. Some of us not even to it's foot.
     And so we had a destination. And it was soooooo worth the climb right upto the top just to sit through the railings, listening to the waves crash, remembering songs, especially, Holy Phantom. Simply beautiful and quite obviously one of the highest points of our existences. :)

     But, you know what, the most beautiful part of it all is to realise that the God who made all this beauty, this wonder that will never cease to blow our minds, made us. Think about it. Every wave has a beat, a rise, a fall, a crash. Even the smallest one whispers to those who are listening. And He, this Maker of All, Artist like no other, made us. Each one. He planned out our every step, knows us inside and out. Because when you create something, if you're doing it with all your heart, then you know it by heart. The potter knows every crack in his crockery.
     It's amazing to see the sun set the sky aflame into a thousand colours that one as primitive as I would deign to simply say it was pink, orange and gold. Painting the water like jewels strewn across the ocean. Wind singing, birds flying high, near and far. And I hear the constant whisper, "I love you more" It can bring you to your knees and down to tears.
    It's funny how we never stop to realise stuff like this, because in my experience, it's the people who do notice such blessings who are the happiest. I want to be one of them, to see all the blessings that my Lord has given me, and to rejoice with all of creation because we have a glorious God and a wonderful Saviour! They make life soooo worth living! <3

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


It was about 3 in the morning and my bro was awake too, ie no watching movies online coz the streaming interrupts his DOTA game... It's been bothering me or inspiring me that people have made really nice collages and put them up as their cover photos on facebook... I wanted one too. So I suppose I was productive with this, but then again, making stuff for Facebook I suppose is the least productive one can get. Although, I must admit, it's not half bad. :P

Monday, 4 June 2012

I'm not very creative with my titles am I?

So, a girl I love muchly told me that she likes and reads my blog often, and that I should write longer posts coz otherwise the reading gets over too fast. She knows who she is. I felt so good so I ought to thank her. But the thing is, I haven't really written a long post since then. I don't quite know why, but I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I don't know what to write about. For example, I didn't even know how to title this post :P
       I can't particularly make up humorous lists like desigirl here. That's a talent I truly admire her for... She's one of the few writers who have actually made me laugh out loud. I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts and often wish they were longer or came more often just so I could read more and laugh more. Laughing is good for the health you know? :D
       So basically, I wanted to apologise to the one I've possibly disappointed. I feel bad about it. But I do also think that I'm generally tired by the end of the day coz my holidays are awesome! And I just don't want to think :P
      Oh, you know what, there is this one post, that I've been working on for the past week or two, but it just doens't seem to want to come out of my head completely. Phrasing it feels sooooooo difficult!! -.- Hopefully someday soon, it'll be out. I think I have something solid to say there, whether it matters to anyone or not! It's truly important to me. It's about family ^.^ Keep an eye out for it. It's called Blood and Water :)
     And in the meanwhile, keep praying that I'm inspired to write more. I truly do wish I did write more :) <3 Have a beautiful day!! I have the beach in my future today, God willing, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it! ^.^ With two people I truly look forward to spending time with :) Trust me, you would too! They make you laugh so so much :D Peace!

Sunday, 3 June 2012


I'm quite disappointed in myself at the moment :/ Today was one of those perfect days that I ruined because I forgot something :/ Now I can hear a lot of you going, "Oh come on, everybody forgets something all the time." Thing is, when I forget, its always a major major something. Always :/ And the worst times are when its not even my stuff that I forget :(

Saturday, 2 June 2012

I miss you :(

There's this boy. He's about 10. I've known him since the day he was born. I love him oh so much. God picked the perfect angel for me :) No wonder we know He's so perfect. But, at the moment, I miss him like crazy! :(