Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hmm. An end and a start? O.o Figure it out.

So, I spent 6 months as a part of Shadow Liberation and this is just the tip of all the things I would have liked to say and even more things I probably wouldn't have liked to say unless you forcibly pulled it out of me with hours of redundant questions that seem to go nowhere but lead to me actually saying stuff :P 2 minutes for a reflective video O.o People say I write too much anyway, apparently reading is a dying artform... Sigh, anyway, I managed to get a gist of what I was feeling when I made this, but trust me when I say, TIP OF THE ICEBERG :P

Not much of a blogger here, but my first not poem post. Yay me?! :P Maybe I should actually start. But then what would I possibly say?

Wait. FAIL. The video contains a mound of poetry -.- Try again Danie. Meh. Sigh, but I suppose its still a step further from all those poems you read (supposing you've read any) when I actually seem like I'm talking to you :D Tatas!