Thursday, 18 April 2013

Black and White

So, I've been away for a while and I haven't written anything proper in AGES!
And I don't quite know if this will be 'proper' either. But I might as well start somewhere to get back into maintaining my blog.
So, if anyone bothered to read the title, I'm wondering if it makes you wonder what I could possibly say about Black and White that hasn't been said before. Well, I'll admit, I can't say it's something that hasn't been said before. But I have something to say, just the same.
WE live in this crazy world right now, where there are quite a few people out there seem to think it's alright to go around bombing places and shooting people and watching Criminal Minds of late and too much at the same time, might end up unsettling me I think. And I keep hearing people say, nothing's black and white. But what if it could be?
No, life isn't black and white and hopefully it never will be, because the colours add so much that it would be a shame to lose even a little bit of it. But our thoughts and deeds. Our reasons. Can't they be as defined as the distinction between black and white? Do so many things have to be gray? Must we keep adding to that mountain of doubt and fear and indecision that defines 'gray', at least the way I see it? Aren't the 'grays' just ways to keep from choosing one or the other or perhaps both or neither. The 'gray' seems to be a way out. But, is it?
I leave you to it. Have a beautiful week, what's left of it anyway. God bless!


  1. hmmmmm just might be right :) the writing is crystal clear as always :)