Monday, 14 April 2014


Faces of you, I don't know.
Phases of you that do not show.
Joy that hides a broken soul.
Sorrow resides in the unknown.

Void I fell into,
Numb, cold.
Falling further,
This frozen mould.

Voiceless wanderer
Sightless bird
Flightless phoenix
You now burn,

From these ashes, you will not rise.
From this furnace, the dark needn't hide.
Grasped in fate and fortune's folds.
Cast into destiny's hold.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Let In

"Won't you open your heart?
Won't you let someone in?"

"Will I get hurt?
Will I be whole again?"

"I won't promise that you won't.
No one is ever whole."

"I'm broken enough.
I'm not coming."

"Everyone's broken.
Not everyone is unhappy."

"So many pieces?
No shields? No guard?"

"So many more pieces.
Even when protected."

"What's the point of the shattered existence?

"To learn
To love."

"Love the shattering?"

"Love the broken perfection."

"How do I see the 'broken perfection'?"

"Look through My eyes."

"I'm scared. I'm scarred. I'm not good enough."

"I never asked you to be. Just let Me in."