Thursday, 11 October 2012


Ugh! This scene keeps playing and replaying in my head!
So I was practically begging my teacher to give us an assignment that would require us to learn something and still be fun rather than parroting words as the present 'dialogue' assignment worked -.- Not to mention that it was the same assignment we'd done a few months back for the other internal assessment we gave in to the same teacher O.o SAME! Topic changed, that's it O.o
And she tells me that I ought to "Come join the *other institute specialising in this*" if I want to learn O.o

Um, what am I supposed to do here as part of my curriculum, in HER classes???

Further on in the conversation. She goes, "You got good marks already, why are you complaining?" "Ma'am because I'd like to at least put in a good effort to try and get the assignment changed into something of interest so that I actually learn something, we actually learn something and we all participate rather than a few writing and the others vomiting it out. Internals are usually fun!" She agrees with me that it's boring and pretty pointless. I'm not kidding. And then she goes, "Are you jealous of the *students whose mother tongue is this that I've opted for* because they did better than you?"

No words to respond. Goodbye -.- Meh! Seriously!