Thursday, 31 May 2012


There have been so many days where I have spent hours and hours in my head throughout the day thinking about things that would be good to write about. But the moment I have my blog page open, I can't remember a thing. The fury I'd felt, the sense of being lost and confused, the joy and sorrow... everything just stops and points to this blank that does not let me write. So I decided, I'd just start somewhere, be it the same topic everyday of how my rambling is just rambling, perhaps this way I may at least learn of some new ways to write it :P
      Today was brilliant. I walked into a room full of people I knew, and felt completely at home and at peace. It was simply delightful. There really is no place like home and I truly believe home is where your heart is and is with whomever you've chosen to share your heart with.
      There are surely moments, though, when people disappoint you. They may ease you into or do it quick and so-called painlessly, but its still going hurt immensely. And it tears you down. And what I've learnt is that broken hearts are like tormenting scars... they will be there forever.
     Over time, I've forgotten how I was hurt, why I chose to forgive, why I chose to detach... but so long as I'm unable to put it behind me, and move on, the scar lives on... Some days it fades... Other days I see it so clearly, it hurts... And then I realise, maybe it was something I did, maybe it was something I said and maybe it wasn't my fault at all. But I was hurt deeply and I don't trust them with my heart again. It really is a fragile thing you know, there are only so many pieces I can give to them, or rather I'm willing to give to them...
      But the thing is, if they hurt you, its their loss. But if you choose to let it get you down, its yours. If someone cannot see what you are worth, who you are... don't bother.
I'm not really quite sure where I'm rambling to at the moment O.o But I think the point of what I'm trying to say is that even if you let situations change you, don't let it be for the worse. Don't let it harden your heart and learn to always be warm despite anything the cruel world throws at you. I know, and am quite truly blessed to be knowing, that it's not the world that decides our worth. It was decided a long long time ago on a tree that died so that another would die on it, because He loved us all.
      It can't be called love if one cannot learn to love like this. Yeah, it hurts sometimes. Maybe a lot of the time. But what comes back to encourage me, is the thought of a world where everyone treats each other with the very same love and respect. Dang, what a world that would be, innit?

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