Sunday, 20 May 2012

From Scratch.

Meh. I doubt any of you thought I'm talking about that animation software so I'm not going to bother saying, "No, I don't mean that..." So... Helloo :P I'm lost O.o Little obvious, I suppose :P

    From Scratch just means that I want to actually start again, and make this blog, however bland anyone thinks it is, more than just a backup of my poetry. It means, umm, well I think it means that I'm turning over a new leaf and am going to make each post mean something, if to no one else, at least to me. I'm probably not going to have a particular theme in mind when I start typing, or I may start with one and end up somewhere completely different in my rambles. But, what I do is what I do and I suppose, someone may read it :)

     I have to admit though, I probably wouldn't be writing this if Li'l Joe hadn't started hers and told me I ought to start one myself. She's extra brilliant and ridiculously hilarious. So do not expect the same standards or style :P I'm just the humble writer testing the waters :P But thanks for the push (*coughs* 'gentle nudge') hon. :) <3

     My brother is sitting next to me playing songs like Diamond sword, if that can be called a song, making this first post of my new square one phase of my blog more difficult than it already is O.o I'd advise you not to look it up, but if you're curious, feed it. Or just wait till you meet my brilliant bro someday in person. He's the kind of guy who writes poetry because someone couldn't sleep and needed a bedtime story! Seriously! Check his blog out. You'll catch a glimpse of his personality :D

    So, I have no clue where to start or what to say, so Imma say, I recently read another book of the Redwall series and it made me very happy! I love how Brian Jacques has managed to adapt the English language into a peculiar form for each kind of animal. Oh wait, I probably should have mentioned the brilliance in the big RED Bricked building that's a sanctuary for all good creatures, just out of reach from vermin hands. You don't like it? You think its boring? I think it serves the purpose reading has always had for me. 

     It takes me to a world that isn't the one I live in. A world where I know good will prevail. Where it doesn't feel like everything's always falling apart. I love that each Redwaller is obligated to himself to be kind and loving and helpful and that's what is expected not excellence in a particular walk of life but to be part of the community, to love and be one and and... I'm rambling but I hope you sort of get the point.
I can completely relate to this, it's how I feel when I'm around my besties... Like we can be from Mars and Pluto and still be the best of friends. I'd wish this for anyone and everyone. It's a wonderful feeling ^.^ <3 

    But back to the point, that's what reading's about to me you know, the happy endings and the feeling that things don't have to stay the way they do in the cruel world. I mean come on! If a bunch of animals from all walks of life can manage to get along and live in harmony, shouldn't the so called "higher species" be able to do the same? (I don't technically believe the higher species bit though)

    I think I had a point in there somewhere... If I figure out how to stop rambling, I'll let you lot know :D For now, I'mma say goodnight. Stay blessed coz we all are ^.^

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