Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday! Monday? Monday... Didn't seem like it :D

So, today I spent the day with two awesome people! I always feel smarter in some way or the other when I've spent the day with them and mostly I learn something new about music :D I honestly have absolutely no bloomin' clue as to how they put up with someone as uninformed as I am. Trust me, if my life were a movie, them and me would not be in the same clique :| It just wouldn't be done! But guess what!? We're not in a movie and I have to thank that incredible, wonderful, indescribable God who blessed me with friends like these :D Seriously, there's no one like HIM <3 ^.^ If you knew them like I do, you'd be insanely thankful too. Trust me on that.

     Hmmm... But there was one piece of wisdom they stumbled me across today that cannot compare to anything else and said "wisdom", trust me, was not their's. It comes from a great American mind by the name of Rebecca Black who seems to think many ought to have fallen at her feet in worship when her song "Friday" was released. Yeah, fat chance of me linking you to that, I will not obligingly enforce torture of such propensity on my kind readers. :D But this new information that brought me to tears, I must share. She analysed her lyrics so that the world could see how much they missed out on when they refused to accept her music as a 'work of art' or something like that. (CAUTION: Watch at own risk.)

     After the song came out, there were so many people talking about it, but me, being me, never bothered to look it up because pop culture, being pop culture, would manage its way into my life at some point >.< And boy, was I glad I didn't. But this analysis was mind-blowing. Much applause to the 'superior intellect' of Ms. Black. Really, what would the world be without her. (*whispers under breath, "MUCH BETTER")

     Sigh! Hmm... I think I got that out of my system now. Hopefully. Blah! Seriously, if you're not as moved as I was. TO PUNCH HER FACE IN. Then do let me know. I would like some of whatever you've been taking to ease your sharp senses. Or maybe you should let her know so she can pretend someone believes her words.

     Okay okay, moving on!

     THE WOMAN IN BLACK. Now, that's something to talk about. I have no clue how to feel about the movie. You know how when you watch a movie and you want the best for the 'hero'? Umm, well, I just didn't know how to size up what happens! Lol! Seriously, it's incredible though. The minimal soundscape, the videography of the English lanscape, the spooky house, the effects, the story... EVERYTHING worked. It works to creep you out slowly and take you level by level into the creepiness. It makes you jump. Makes you want to cry and say, "No, no, no, no, come on, don't let him die! Don't kill him! Let him save her!! Please!" Although, you never really know whom you're pleading to, nor do you know if you actually feel like you're there because you keep reminding yourself its a movie. Hmm, I agree with the three who insisted me watching it :D Although I must say it was quite amusing hearing stories of how they'd watched it their first times :P But, what happened to the dog!! It disappeared :( I think my biggest fear was that the dog would show up mutilated to bits :| Not a pleasant thought, trust me!

Meh -.- I talk to much... Hmm, I'm good, thanks for asking! Have fun with the rest of your day! <3

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