Monday, 17 September 2012

Lost In Translation

Okay, so here it is. LOST IN TRANSLATION. Do me a favour and open this link, let the track start and then read through the story, 'cause it really isn't complete without the background. Preferably plug your earphones in!

Sometimes a story is but a reflection of your own life; other times, it’s the thoughts that you have; but most often it’s your thoughts mixed with those stories you’ve heard time and again but you still can’t make sense of.

“Won’t you come sit with me for a while?”
“But I am. I’m sitting right here.”
“Well, that’s the irony of us. You’re sitting right here with me in the room, but your head most certainly isn’t here. You work too much.”
“I’m being productive. I’m listening to you aren’t I?
“Yeah, you are. But do you hear the rain?”
“The rain? Are you sure you didn’t hit your head this morning when you got out of bed?”
“Can you hear the fire?”
“The fire now? Are you okay?”
“Come sit here, on the window seat; just listen. Leave those papers and your muddled thoughts there.”
“What are you on about?”
“Just humour me for a few minutes.”
“But I’ve really got to finish this up. How come you don’t have any work?”
“I’ll get around to it. It’s mulling quietly in my brain. I always get my work done, don’t I?
“You know, that annoys me. You don’t stress half as much as I do and you still do just as well as if not better. When do you even work?”
“That’s because I know when to sit down and focus and not to let things stress me out all the time. Try my way for a change. It’s not as if you’re getting any work done anyway. I’m pretty sure all that ruffling I’ve been hearing is just you getting flustered more than anything else.”
“Fine. Tell me what you want to say. Out with it.”
“Who said I want to say anything?”
“Then what are you fussing about?!”
“I just want you to listen. Take a breath and just listen.”
“But if you’re not going to be talking, then what’s the point of listening?”
“Shush now. Close your eyes.”
“Okay, now I’m blind and listening to you not talking.”
“You still don’t get the point. Do you even realize it’s raining outside?”
“Yeah, so? What’s the big deal?”
“Did you realize I’ve had the fireplace lit for the past hour?”
“Now what does the fireplace have to do anything?”
“And that tells me you haven’t heard a word I’ve said. Try and listen to it, not just faintly realize that there’s music playing and leave the noises beyond human voices at that.”
“But what am I even listening to?”
“You’re not listening yet. When you hear it, you’ll tell me.”
“Shush… Listen to the sound of silence as you see it.”

“Listen to each drop that hits the window sill, the ones that touch the glass – each flicker of the flame because of the wind stealing down the chimney and the burst of the wood as it’s consumed.”

“Umm, are you still awake?”
“I’m not quite sure if it was your poetry or the rain that took me away.”
“Hah! I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my talking. What did you hear?”
“Everything. The wind chimes next door even. The rain is gorgeous to listen to. And the fire just enhances it. It’s like they’re all playing to one rhythm.”
“Well, they are. It’s not just all chaos you know. You’d think a storm would be chaotic to listen to, but even then, there’s an orchestra in the wind. It’s amazing isn’t it?”
“I must admit, I do feel more relaxed than I have in the past half an hour I’ve spent with those papers not getting anywhere.”
“You really ought to give yourself a break sometimes. The sound of silence tends to take you out of your mind at least for some time; or at least gives you an illusion of getting you out of it.”
“I guess I really need to stop and listen sometimes. How come none of this registers in my brain otherwise?”
“It’s not that it doesn’t register, it’s just that we don’t prioritize. Most often, such beauty is overlooked just because it’s lost in translation.”
“Lost in translation?”
“We judge based on an idea of it that we have. Take the rain. The first things most people think of are how wet it’s going to be and how disruptive it may be or they’re a little more on the romantic side, then how it just makes everything prettier and lovelier. But the sound of the rain; that music.”
“I see now. Interesting. How much do we really lose in translation?”


  1. The audio composition has expired. Can you please update the link. This is beautiful, but it feels somewhat incomplete. Thanks in advance!