Thursday, 27 October 2011

Little One.

Little one, you smile.
And my world is set ablaze.
For I can see the stars, in your gaze.

Little one, you laugh.
And I laugh with you.
For I need a million reasons not to do so when you do.

Little one, you cry,
And my heart breaks
To let even that first tear streak your face.
But little one, sometimes we all need relief
And crying may help us keep the deal brief.

Little one, you dance.
To the orchestra in your mind.
But little one, it is
What makes me smile.

Little one, your hug,
The warmth and kind.
Make everything bad shrivel from sight.

Little one, your song,
As you sing it out loud,
Gives me hope, makes me want to shout.

Little one, your dreams,
Though sometimes troubled, they seem.
Are probably what I see in your eyes, that gleam.

Little one, you are
Who you ought to be.
But little one, you’ll always be ‘little’ to me.
And nothing will change the way I see.

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