Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Mortified, she hides her fear.
Behind her smile, falls her tears
She must be strong, like her mother before her.
For they did not tarry when trouble drew near.

They held on, as she tried.
She would be strong, but she tires.
Finding comfort when she’s alone.
For then she could let every tear roll.

She begs them not to ask her
To not be so humiliated
For what she fears is nothing
But the worry of a child

One that has had a perfect life.
Everything provided for.
One who knows not to care for others
That’s where she was lost.

When they needed her the most,
She could not help
When they asked her to stay
That’s when she wept.

It baffled her to think
That someone could love her
But every time she neared the brink
His hand would hold her

Though others saw through her,
They would not understand
They would call her a ‘baby’
Shake it off

But that’s not going to help…
It’s not what she needs the most.
Her fears are light, simple and easy to write off
But her fears are her fears, like it or not.

She cries out to the unseen
Feels His warm embrace,
Because He understands.
He’s been in her place.

The city darkens as the moon disappears
She holds on to herself,
Knowing He’s got her under his wing
Safe, to herself she sings.

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