Tuesday, 22 November 2011

With love.

My love was incomplete when I didn't know you.
My love wasn't like the dark side of the moon.
My love was constant, while it was love.
My love wasn't what I thought it was about.

My love was like the sun that never sets
My love wasn't what in dreams I had met.
My love was kind, forgiving and patient.
My love wasn't just windswept.

My love brought me much more than I deserve.
My love was never what caused me to burn.
My love inspired me to smile.
My love never said, "Don't try."

My love will be what it needs to be.
My love can't be forced, you see.
My love is a river that runs far and deep.
My love isn't what you want me to be.

My love is who I am, accepting you for you.
My love isn't to keep you from pushing through.

When I say, I speak in love,
I mean not for you to come undone.
But in love, we stand strong. 
But without love, we fall.