Monday, 22 April 2013

This is War

I speak and hear nothing.
My voice thunders through.
I  listen to echoes of great men disappear.
I watch shadows of ages past turn.
In the silence, their memories burn.

The hourglass tips.
Time refuses to stand still.
We trudge on, set in our tracks.
Lefts and rights are all but one.

Echoes that haunt.
Echoes that hunt.
Echoes that cause a moment of love.
Echoes remain, echoes always.

Mind stunted, shaken.
Longing to forget.
Body, bruised, battered and broken.
Age can always tell.

Wisdom in the words of those gone ahead.
Warning in the words to those who follow tread.

Footprints and blood, no wave can cleanse.
Swords and armor from toe to head.

War, this is war, battle cries unheard.
Arise from the midst of humanity, dissected.

I will it to stop.
I will it to end.
I will fight it, to death.
To serve and defend.

War, this is war.
My lullaby to those gone.
Departed, they find peace from the broken souled world.

War, this is war.
Only sorrow it holds.
War, this is war.
Not for a moment more.

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