Friday, 19 April 2013

Cradled Cruelty

I watched today as three little boys, the oldest of whom could not have been more than thirteen or fourteen, tease and torture a poor wounded pigeon. I wondered if it was a pet, or if they were trying to help, but it was soon blatantly evident what their intentions were. The eldest boy, I see him around everyday almost, his dog quite annoys me sometimes with it's barking, but today, I gained so much respect for it, much more than that boy will earn from me in a long time. I watched the boys, aware of my gaze, play with the pigeon softly. Then, it got rough. They threw little stones and biscuits at the poor flightless creature who cornered itself and I'm sure, wished it could fly far away. My telling them to leave it alone before they killed it was pointless and so annoying. Little arrogant boys acting smart just because they think I can't understand Kanada. For their information, I quite understood most of their snide comments and evil plots and the only reason they were saved an earful was for my inability to carry a full row in any language other than English :|
They tried to force the dog to bite it or something, but the dog refused and growled at his master. I've never been prouder of that dog before. I believe the boy was scratched ever so slightly, and in my opinion, it was a little too slight, but for the dog's sake, I'm glad. In false humour now, the boys annoy the dog and further torment the pigeon who somehow manages to jump off the terrace and find a snug hole in the wall of the gutter next to the eldest boy's house, only to be dragged out and caged in the sunshine.
I watched the dog stand on two legs trying to reach the cage, in vain. I watched it chase away the nasty crow that seemed eager to torment the poor wretch in gray, all the more.
The cage is gone from the clothes line, the dog's been tied up again. I don't know how the story ends.
What I do know is that the dog had more 'heart' than those three boys put together.

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