Sunday, 25 March 2012

Well Worth the Task.

She watches and waits.
Days pass away.
Mind weak and tumultous.
Thoughts out of control.
Left to despair
With anger brimming over.
Answers to "why's"
Are too cold to give.

Born in a time of trust going rotten,
Lies being told like the wind and the water.
Waves crash against her.
As she stands knee deep.
Though provoking action.
To live or escape.

Forgotten soul, not forgotten. 
Competing voices in her head. 
Images blurring the horizon. 
The wind convincing her to live.

Why she stays, she knows not.
But she will not go before time.
Purpose planned she knows not.
But well versed she is, to not whine.

Love, it fills her desperate soul.
As love heals her heart.
Opening up, though difficult.
Love's well worth the task.

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